Voters stone Mbabaali, Nakaseke too rejects age limit

Mbabaali and his wife waving at supporters

Bukoto South Member of Parliament, Hajji Muhammad Mbabaali, was stoned by angry residents for trying to sell them the age limit gospel.

The ugly scene was recorded in Kiwangala Parish, Kissekka Sub County in Lwengo District.

Mbabaali begun by praising President Yoweri Museveni for delivering on his promises and presenting a model figure of a true leader.

Murmurs broke out in the crowd. Without heeding the warning, Mbabaali made the mistake of asking residents to support the removal of the age limit bill, according to one who attended the meeting.

Then all hell broke loose as residents surged forward to have a piece of him. They started throwing stones at the legislator, thanks to the protection of the police, he was not injured.

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The legislator then scampered off the scene still being shielded by police officers.

Mpigi, Nakaseke reject bill

In Mawokota North MP, Trade Minister Amelia Kyambadde was told not to support age limit removal and booed, heckled when she tried to manipulate their vote.

The Mpigi District Woman MP Sarah Nakawunde Temulanga was also clearly told not to dare support the removal of the article preventing Museveni from clinching a life presidency.

In Kasangombe Sub County Nakaseke district, voters at the consultative meeting bitterly warned their MP Ssemakula Lutamaguzi not to touch the constitution.

“Enough is enough! Museveni fought to power from Luwero and has had over 30 years as President but he has abandoned Nakaseke and Luwero,” the voters told their MP.

“All we want is service delivery but it is pathetic! The roads are terrible. Not even a grader! Nakaseke Hospital was built by Milton Obote but after 31 years of Museveni, the hospital cannot get a mattress! Leave Article 102b alone.”

In Kyotera, voters at the consultative meeting warned District Woman MP Robinah Sentongo of electoral punishment in 2021 if she dares touch the constitution.

Sentongo says she only came with questions, not opinions. She conducted a voice vote which was overwhelmingly for “Togikwatako” [don’t touch it].