Vicks Kingo sneaks into parliament, interrupts age limit session

Vicks Kingo with presidential nomination forms

Veteran comedian Bush Aienobyona aka Vicks Kingo on Tuesday made a grand appearance uninvited into the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs committee session at Parliament.

Donning a suit and caressing his mischievous white beard, Kingo stormed the venue and asked for a seat to follow the proceedings.

“So you have come?” Jacob Oboth, the chairperson of the committee, tried to recall whether he actually invited Kingo.

He kept nodding while Oboth spoke and cross-checked. The MPs burst out laughing and later allowed Kingo to take a seat among them.

He came after Members of Parliament had voted to change the venue where the Legal & Parliamentary Affairs Committee was meeting for a public hearing on the Constitution Amendment Bill, 2017, aimed at scrapping presidential age limit.

Victoria University

It was Kira Municipality MP Ssemujju Ibrahim Nganda who claimed that soldiers from the elite unit, Special Forces Command [SFC] have been deployed in the meeting room.

Igara West MP Raphael Magyezi and seconders had also appeared before the Committee which wants Magyezi, who in September moved the motion seeking leave of the House to draft the Private Members’ Bill, to justify it.

Justice and Constitutional Affairs minister, Kahinda Otafiire, on the other hand, is expected to state the government’s position on the Bill.

In 2015, Kingo picked nomination forms to contest in the 2016 presidential elections against incumbent President Museveni.

He had tried his luck in 2005 and failed to make it to the 2006 presidential elections.

Kingo, as he is known, even went to Namboole in 2015 but failed to meet the requirements because he is a poor man and couldn’t afford the Shs8m nomination fee

Kingo is popularly known for having acted in the popular advert for the Vicks Kingo medicine. The advert was so popular across East Africa in the 90s.

Bakayimbira’s comedian Charles ‘Siasa’ Ssenkubuge once picked up the forms in 2001 and even went as far as making posters and campaigning but dropped out of the race elections neared.

The late Amarula Family comedian, Paddy Bitama, too, picked up the forms in 2005 but didn’t manage to make it beyond the nomination period.