Raila calls poll a fraud, forms ‘people’s assembly’

Raila Odinga

Kenya opposition leader, Raila Odinga, has formed a citizens’ assembly, a body formed from the citizens of a modern state to deliberate on crucial issues.

A popular assembly (or people’s assembly) is a gathering called to address issues of importance to participants. Assemblies tend to be freely open to participation and operate by direct democracy.

The Nasa leader issued a statement on presidential election result Tuesday, saying all political differences will from now on be resolved through dialogue.

“We announce today the establishment of a people’s assembly,” he said, explaining that the assembly will constitute among others, elected leaders, workers and civil society.

“We will continue to assemble, demonstrate and present petitions to public offices as we choose. We announce today the formation of a people’s assembly.”

Victoria University

He termed the October 26 repeat presidential election as a fraud claiming only 3.5 million voters took part and not 7.6 million as announced by the electoral body.

“We have evidence of manipulation of voter turnout numbers in Jubilee strongholds.”

He extended his gratitude to all Kenyans who heeded the call to boycott the sham elections.