Oboth: I never met president on age limit, wish I could

Nganda faces chair Oboth in word gymnastics

Jacob Oboth, the chairperson of the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs committee has denied reports alleging that he quietly with intent to accept bribes and betray, sneaked into State House to meeting President Museveni.

He was Tuesday morning wrestling with Members of Parliament who demanded that he changes the venue where the Legal & Parliamentary Affairs Committee meeting on the Constitution Amendment Bill, 2017, aimed at scrapping presidential age limit.

Kira Municipality MP Ssemujju Ibrahim Nganda claimed that soldiers from the elite unit, Special Forces Command [SFC] have been deployed in the meeting room.

Hon Ssemujju while making a procedural matter asserted that he was not involved in the preparatory meeting and neither was the Shadow AG.

Hon Ssemujju asserted that the Chair, Hon Oboth visited the sole beneficiary of the Bill along with the Woman MP of Nakapiripirit, Anyakun Davinia Esther.

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Hon Oboth protested the insinuation observing that he was not aware the room was used by SFC. “This was the only room that could accommodate everyone.”

“I attend caucus because I have a right to associate. I will have to involve the Speaker so that you can adduce evidence,” Oboth said.

He noted that the said date of the visit to State House was not true, and he hasn’t gone over there.

“I have never met the president. I wish I could! You as Ssemujju cannot contest as an independent in your constituency and win.”

Kumi Woman MP Hon Monicah Amoding said Hon Magyezi was the cause of the issues of 27th of September and that many members are still nursing injuries.

Hon Mathias Mpuuga [Masaka Municipality] queried the manner in which the Bill moved to the Committee because several members were thrown out.

Chair Oboth replied: “I have a copy of the Hansard for that day and unless you are saying the Speaker didn’t make a ruling, we may have to revisit.”

Oboth said the way this Bill was processed on the floor could not be satisfactory, “but its already before us”.