My dad had no drugs, Sheila Gashumba denies fleeing to S.Africa

Sheilah C Gashumba

Celebrated TV personality Sheila Gashumba has dismissed as untrue charges brought against her father and activist, Frank Gashumba.

Arrested on Monday by Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence [CMI], Gashumba was paraded before media on Tuesday evening by UPDF deputy spokesperson, Lt Col Deo Akiiki.

He said Gashumba was arrested following a whistleblowers report to the Permanent Secretary MODVA about a group that was planning to fleece an investor disguising as MODVA officials.

The fraudsters under the cover of a company named Flagship group purported to be contracted by MODVA for out sourcing had invited the investors to Golden Tulip Hotel in Nakasero for a meeting over a purported deal to supply UPDF with hundreds of Military Trucks.

Gashumba and his brother with soldiers

Following the tip off, one Nasser Mukungu a counterpart to Kasumba Innocent was arrested by JATT operatives on the scene while Kasumba Innocent alias Simon Mutabazi escaped and has since been on the run.

Victoria University

A police case file was opened up on the group vide ref CPS KLA CRB1456/2017. Mukungu Nasser was granted police bond as the search for Innocent Kasumba aka Simon went on.

Finally on Saturday the 29 0ct 17, Innocent Kasumba alias Mutabazi Simon was arrested and a search conducted on his residence yielded several items that included over 20 various stamps including one of the Ministry of Defence and Veteran Affairs, multiple identification documents including his two passports with separate identities and a passport of Gashumba Frank in the name of Ssentogo Frank Disans-Passport NO B0892687.

As luck would have it, on the 29 Oct 17 Gashumba Frank also turned up at CMI with his lawyer friend one Nsamba Geoffrey to follow up his brother and was arrested to explain; the reason and source of multiple identification documents under his name, his relationship and role in Flagship group that under which the investor was to be defrauded.

Also of late a number of people had reported Frank Gashumba trying to blackmail them purporting to be carrying out investigations about their property on behalf of IGG.

A search at the office of Gashumba Frank has yielded a second passport in the name Gashumba Franco Malimungu-passport no B0958085,several other stamps and documents authored in the name of Ministries of; MODVA, Agriculture Fisheries and Animal Industry.

Some of the companies used by the group of fraudsters to fleece foreigners and Ugandans in MODVA related deals are: Flagship group; Dynamos Sacco Ltd, etc.

He works closely with some lawyers in smarter way to cover his evil ways

According to documents recovered, the groups have been targeting mainly South Sudanese government departments and ministries to include stanbic bank branches in SS.

A joint investigation on Gashumba Frank and Innocent Kasumba are ongoing and they will be produced in court to answer the charges. They are currently held at SIU Kireka.

Gashumba’s daughter speaks

Sheila said the two passports came about because her father changed his name.

She accused a local television of “using your beef with my father to ruin his reputation that he trades drugs!! Today it’s him, tomorrow it’s you!!”


She further dismissed social media reports claiming she had fled the country to South Africa.

“I will be in South Africa tomorrow to host the STARQT Awards happening on 4th November this Saturday, that I was booked and paid for 4 months ago!!”

“I know the struggle of making sure an event is perfect and I am not about to disappoint the organizers of the event and my fans in South Africa!!”

She said her management in South Africa has also lined up radio and TV interviews for me in South Africa that she has to appear for.

The 22-year-old spent the better part of her day broadcasting, through her Snapchat account, CCTV footage of CMI operatives besieging their Bunga house.