Mpigi voters heckle, boo minister Amelia, reject age limit

Amelia Anne Kyambadde

The people of Mawokota County North in Mpigi district shocked their area Member of Parliament, Hon Amelia Kyambadde, when they asked her to vote against the age limit removal.

The Bill seeks to amend Article 102(b) of the Constitution by expunging paragraph (b), which will in effect lift the upper age limit for presidential candidates.

If lifted, the Bill will make President Museveni, 73, eligible to stand in 2021.

The voters in the entire Mpigi district also told their Woman MP Hon. Nakawunde Temulanda to oppose the life presidency.

Both Amelia and Temulanda have now declared they will do just as the voters asked.

Nakawunde and Amelia
Victoria University

Amelia conducted a queue vote at Mpigi Police Playground on Monday in which residents broke into a chant “Togikwatako”, with many voting against age limit.

She even asked the pro and anti-age limit residents to line up and be counted but those voting against the lifting of the age limit made the longest line.

Amelia was confused. She refused to declare the result. The residents could sense what was happening and they never gave a chance to speak but booed and heckled her.

They accused her of trying to turn around the vote so she get the views she came for [those supporting the age limit removal].

A new “Togikwatako” chant broke out. It was loud, it was wild, it was massive.

Amelia was forced to end the meeting and drive away protected by police officers under the command of Ronald Mugalula, the acting Mpigi District police commander.