Investigator editor detained for cybercrime, defamation

Stanley Ndawula and Robert Ndawula at police

The Investigator website founder, Stanley Ndawula, and his crime reporter Robert Ndawula have today been detained at Kira Road Police and Jinja Road Police, respectively.

The duo is accused of cybercrime which ranges from theft of personal data, copyright infringement, e-commerce fraud/phishing, child pornography, cyberstalking, bullying and software viruses.

The journalist on Tuesday handed himself over to the Criminal Investigations Department [CID] of police at Kibuli. He was interrogated by over defamation cases.

“I’m just tired of being a fugitive in my own country,” he said, adding that he was fully aware that a file has been successfully created against him at CID.

After a long interrogation on Tuesday, he was transferred to Kira road while his brother was taken to Jinja road police station and detained.

Victoria University

Ndawula’s troubles started in March this year after the assassination of former police spokesperson, AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi.

In March, Ndawula said he was being trailed by security operatives who believe he had information on the death of Kaweesi along with his body guard and driver in in Kulambiro, a Kampala suburb.

Ndawula said on his Facebook page that he had received phone calls from security agents advising him to flee the country.

Kaweesi himself had threatened Ndawula for writing grim stories about him surrounding the murder of city tycoon Wamala.