Police picks up serial vehicle number plate thief


As the wave of crime involving plucking off vehicle number plates as a bait to extort money hits the surrounding areas of Kampala as Bweyogerere Police arrests a 16 year old for allegedly stealing from motor vehicles to wit spares(SD Ref: 18/19/10/2017)

The juvenile identified as Kyakonye Enock, according to the investigating officer, leaves his mobile phone number on the car at a position that is visible for the car owner expecting to be contacted later.

Once victims make contact, Kyakonye demands that mobile money is sent first before directing the car owners to the location. According to the assessment by the investigators, these number plates are always hidden 5 metres away from the victims residence.

The suspect confessed that in his dirty profit making venture a fee between Shs50000 to Shs300,000 was charged depending on the type and model of the car.

According to the OC CID Bweyogerere, the suspect has been a habitual offender with a rich history of burglary cases reported at Mukono Police Station when he was 9 years old.

Victoria University

When asked why he was engaging in such acts he said he was living a frustrating life claiming to be an HIV patient.

The process of tracking and arresting Kyakonye was a hard nut to crack as the phone and sim card he used were too stolen properties. A number of wrong people were arrested till our teams received reliable intelligence led information that helped the police to track him down.

A new twist came into play when in less than a day more than 20 people flocked Bweyogerere Police Station all with reports about his telephone number and confirming the voice of the suspect as the same tone used by the perpetrator during contact.