At my age, you were killing people, Nganda tells Otafiire

Ssemujju Nganda in office

Kira municipality MP Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda says President Yoweri Museveni has killed the country’s institutions just like his bush war killed people in Luweero jungles.

“Mr. Museveni has undermined and killed institutions in our country,” Nganda said Thursday night while appearing on NBS TV “Frontline” programme.

Nganda went hard against Justice and Constitutional Affairs minister, Maj Gen Kahinda Otafiire, who first announced the idea of constitutional amendments that would give birth to the presidential age limit bill.

“At my age, Otafiire was picking guns to go to the bush,” Nganda announced.

“He really killed many people,” former Ethics and Integrity minister, Miria Matembe, who was appearing on the same show, picked up the thread and stretched it even further.

Victoria University

Nganda maintained that at this point, no one can give Otafiire any job anywhere. “You can only run for a political job, no one can employ you to work in their company.”

“You are unemployable,” he stressed suggesting that Otafiire is not able or likely to get paid employment because of a lack of skills or qualifications.

“It’s funny how he [Otafiire] feels offended when we jump on the tables of parliament yet he went to the bush to kill people at my age.”

Nganda told Otafiire face-to-face that if he had a firm he was running with Museveni and co. advocates, Ugandans wouldn’t bother him.

“But if you fail to perform, you are affecting all of us.”

The legislator who recently returned Shs29m given to MPs to popularise the age limit bill cited a case of Kenyan elections which he said are based on ethnicity.

“If this is the case, figures remain the same unless the numbers grow. You find that one ethnic group dominates the country for a long time.”

Drawing on the analogy, Nganda said he doesn’t know if Museveni knows how to get out of this situation he has created. “I only pray God delivers us from it.”