Raila Odinga declares himself president of Kenya

Raila Odinga

Kenya opposition leader and former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga, has declared himself the new president of the republic of Kenya.

This is his full declaration:

Fellow Patriots, Kenya is a great nation founded on the ideal values of unity and peace. Our forefathers, including my late father the Late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, Tom Mboya, Argwings Kodhek among others, paid the ultimate price for us to enjoy the fruits of these values.

Unity and peace are therefore the foundation of our nation. But there can not be peace without justice, as there can be no justice without equality.

Successive governments have trampled upon these values that we hold so dear by disenfranchising and discriminating upon a section of Kenyans particularly the Luo of Nyanza region and therefore ensuring that there is no equality.

By this they have shown the people of Kenya that some people are more equal than others. The Jubilee Government, led by Uhuru Kenyatta has not only carried forward this systemic and deliberate oppression of Kenyans but has also taken it a notch higher.

It is mainly because of this that we denounce this oppressive regime. Kenyans are tired and must reclaim their glory.

I, Raila Amollo Odinga, have been on the forefront of this battle for reclamation. I have vied consistently for the Presidency of this great nation, but each time, my victory has been stolen.

The time has come now to finish what we started. I officially declare myself “The President of the Republic of Kenya”, as that is my rightful position, even more so because I believe that I won the elections on August 8, 20147.

I will not stand aside and let this country go to the dogs under this illegitimate Jubilee regime. It is time for change.

I urge all Kenyans of goodwill to join me in this declaration and prepare for my swearing in ceremony at Uhuru Park on Friday October 27, 2017.

Mungu alibariki Kenya