Shame for bald-headed Katumba to fight a young MP-Latigo

Katumba visiting Zaake

Agago North MP Prof Morris Ogenga Latigo has described as embarrassing a scenario in which junior works minister, Katumba Wamala, was caught on camera fighting in parliament.

During the fracas between MPs and soldiers that guard the president, Gen Katumba, the former army commander, punched Mityana South MP Francis Zaake, nearly killing him.

Appearing on NBS TV Monday, Latigo said he was personally present when Katumba committed the outrageous act.

Host: Did Gen. Katumba Wamala pull fists in parliament?

Prof. Latigo: Yes, I was there, I saw him. It’s very embarrassing for a bald head like him to pull fists amongst young people, this shows the kind of person you are.

Victoria University

Latigo said Speaker Rebecca Kadaga acted under influence that day.

“Unfortunately, she fell into a deadly ditch and she is going to pay for someone’s sins,” he said.

He said once the court rules, parliament must respect the decision. “This attempt to remove the presidential age limit is dirty.”

Prof Latigo noted that to say that Police has been pushed beyond limit is not right, that has always been the nature of police.

“President Museveni recreated the police this way. They don’t have the competence and lack the mind-set to be part of a constitutional body.”

He said because of the many successes’ President Museveni has registered, he has come to believe that whatever he wants he will get.

“I would advise him to let this go. You can’t win when you are losing goodwill. The burden of refilling the ditch he’s digging is too much.”