Killed FDC youth: Museveni gives Shs10m, Tumukunde wears red cap

Youth carry the casket containing Kakuru's body

President Yoweri Museveni has given Shs10m to the parents of the late Edson Nasasira Kakuru who was killed by police on Wednesday at Rukungiri main stadium.

Kakuru was among the seven people shot by police while attending the rally of FDC’s Kizza Besigye and Patrick Amuriat. The other six are hospitalised in Nakibale.

Museveni’s condolence money was delivered by security minister, Lt. Gen. Henry Tumukunde during funeral service on Friday in Burombe Ruhinda sub-county Rukungiri district.

Tumukunde who appeared in a red cap to show solidarity with opposition that is protesting against the age limit bill, said the President and the whole nation was very sorry for Kakuru’s death.

Tumukunde said he spent about two hours on phone communicating to police to ensure no one gets killed during Rukungiri clashes.

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“I called my friend Darius Tweyambe the FDC activists to command his group and stop pelting stones to the Police, but he refused and when I called the district Police commander to also to stop his smaller group from shooting in the crowd, he told me that the crowd had overpowered them and they would instead be killed,” Tumukunde told mourners.

He said Yorakamu and Jovia Twine, the parents of the deceased boy, are staunch NRM supporters while their children are FDC supporters.

Tumukunde blamed the death of Kakuru on police and the other group that was throwing stones.

He criticised Besigye for inciting his supporters to engage in violence which he said would not help the opposition overthrow the NRM government.

The Rukungiri Municipality Member of Parliament Rolland Mugume Kaginda said Kakuru, 22, was part of the bigger youth brigade of power 10 that changed political ground in Ruhinda, Rujumbura and the whole district at large.

While Kakuru rests eternally, other six FDC supporters are still nursing wounds in a hospital.

Christopher Muhwezi was shot in the stomach. Ayorekire David was shot in the stomach, Farouk Bagirana was shot in private parts, Muhumuza Narisi was shot in the thigh, Aryasigura Davison had tear gas burn his face making him fall off a boda boda while Turyomusi Julius (Mondo) was shot in the buttocks.

Tumukunde donning a red cap
Nyanjura’s group visiting those hospitalised