Beti Kamya: Museveni is the better devil, let him rule

Beti Kamya

Kampala minister Beti Kamya has asked opposition to give breathing space to people who support the lifting of the age limit to also have their say.

“There are some people who want constitutional amendment and those who don’t want,” she said Thursday while appearing on NBS TV “morning breeze” programme.

“All of them are free to talk about. I think the debate has taken a wrong direction. The debate should be about democracy.

Kamya said during this very debate in the Constituent Assembly [CA], it was in reverse. In fact, she said, Kizza Besigye was part of the minority.

She said people who went to the bush didn’t defeat government because they had more power but because they were smarter.

Host: Why would you want president Museveni on the ballot in 2021?

Beti Kamya: Because Museveni is the better devil.

“I’m in an alliance with government. You can’t work with government when you are opposing,” Kamya denied having one leg in opposition and another in NRM.

“I’m not opposition, I’m in government now. I’m in alliance with government, there is no way you can work with government when you oppose it.”

Appearing on the same show, former presidential candidate, Maj Gen Benon Biraaro, said the issue was about individuals’ space in democracy.

“A wrong path is perpetuating a failed regime in power constitutionally. Within the NRM caucus, we saw members who had dissenting views being thrown out.”

He said President Museveni has used national coffers to sponsor his people and NRM. “When I went to Rwakitura after elections, I told Museveni this country shouldn’t go to war.”

Yet even MPs of NRM are opposed to constitutional amendment but they are afraid to speak out. “When you ask why they are fearing, they remind you what happened to Amama Mbabazi saying President Museveni is becoming dangerous.”

He added: “When I saw Anite kneeling for President Museveni, that convinced me that really children should have time to prepare for presidency and positions.”