Ugandans storm embassy in London, protest against age limit

Ugandans protesting in London

Ugandans living in London United Kingdom marched to Uganda House to demonstrate against the proposed amendment of the constitution to remove the presidential age limit.

They angry group accused President Yoweri Museveni of overstaying in power and plotting with his ruling party MPs to abuse the constitution.

Last week, Museveni told NRM parliamentary caucus in Kampala that he was the brains behind the age limit bill moved in parliament by Igara West MP Raphael Magyezi.

But diaspora Ugandans have since threatened both peaceful and armed struggles to remove Museveni from power if he dares alters the constitution.

They claim to be tired of Museveni who has ruled the country for over 31 years and him to go.

“Museveni must go, Museveni must go, Museveni must go,” they chanted in front of the Ugandan embassy in UK.

They promised not to use violence to overthrow the government but peaceful means which will ensure a successfully transition of power.

On October 7, Ugandans living in Sweden staged a demonstration led by UPDF renegade Col Samson Mande to protest Museveni’s overstay in power.

They were also angered by Uganda government delegation to Stockholm just after Museveni’s elite guards sieged parliament and brutally arrested, tortured and detained Members of Parliament opposed to the Constitutional amendment of Article 102b.

With a clearance from the Swedish Police Authority, diasporans gathered at Årsta Torg in Sweden where they condemned Speaker Rt. Hon. Rebecca Kadaga for surrendering the parliament to be raped by the executive.

“We also raise our voices to condemn the militaristic, partisan and unprofessional conduct of Uganda Police Force, patronizing and personalizing of Armed forces which have turned against Ugandans,” they said.

Two days later, Ugandans living in United States of America also broke out in protest against the lifting of the age limit bill, calling for Museveni’s retirement.

Australia based Ugandan cardiologist Dr Aggrey Kiyingi too raised his voice condemning Uganda Special Forces for raiding the country’s parliament and executing rough justice on members in the parliamentary chambers.

“Be strong fellow Ugandans and keep up the pressure on dictator Museveni. Do not allow term limit removal!” said Kiyingi who tried to contest for presidency against President Museveni in 2016 only to be disqualified.

He congratulated Members of Parliament who put up a spirited fight even as a minority.

“The people are with you. I would appeal to the NRM MPs who still want the term limit change to back down.”

Kiyingi has been vocal against the government of President Museveni urging Ugandans to rise and topple the over 30 years NRM regime.

Recently, reports emerged of a rebel group codenamed Super Coalition Against Despots (SCAD). It is reportedly based both in Uganda and the Diaspora.

Ugandans protesting in London

Its spokesperson Joel Wakayima in an audio clip that circulated on WhatsApp platforms introduced himself as a Ugandan living in Netherlands.

He says they have resolved to take up arms against President Museveni and his “corrupt” government after which they will drag him to the International Criminal Court (ICC) for crimes against humanity.

Wakayima believes his movement can crush Museveni who allegedly uses an empty slogan maintaining a strong security apparatus that “doesn’t exist”.

“Museveni’s fake government must fall,” Wakayima reiterated saying Uganda, like Germany’s iron chancellor Otto Von Bismarck believed, can only be liberated through “blood and iron” not parliamentary majorities or speeches.

The movement has since met Ugandans abroad and liaised with non-governmental organisations to remove Museveni from power.