Police, UPDF face off at late Kaweesi girlfriend home

Uganda People's Defence Force (UPDF) and Ugandan Police patrol

A confrontation between police officers and soldiers from the national army broke out Thursday evening outside the home of the late police spokesperson AIGP Felix Andrew Kaweesi’s girl friend.

Christine Mbabazi says police officers tried to force their way into her Lungujja home to arrest her. She is suspected of having had a hand in the death of the former police spokesperson.

Mbabazi had been confronted by Internal Security Organisation (ISO) chief, Colonel Frank Bagyenda Kaka, last month who met her at a hotel in Kabuusu.

Mbabazi says she has been under surveillance by an ISO operative Lt Juuko Sserwanga who doesn’t allow her to meet anyone including friends and relatives.

Even her three kids and five dependants are not allowed to see her. She claims Lt Juuko once threatened to kill her.