You’re politically naked, apologise-Otto writes to Kadaga

MP Otto

Madam Speaker in the morning before the forceful eviction of MPs the IGP, Commandant Parliament and Kampala Metropolitan were in your office as you hatched the plan to use force on MPs.

  1. No wonder you declined to meet the LOP and her delegation who where waiting at your reception on behalf of the opposition.
  2. You read the names of MPs and ordered them out in 20 minutes you returned and called Sergeant at Arms to take the MPs out.
  3. How did you expect Sergeant at Arms with only 5 staffs to take out 40 MPs? You knew SFC would come in.
  4. You returned to Parliament after MPs where beaten and went ahead with business as usual to pass the Magyezi Bill.
  5. The next day you returned to Parliament all in rage and ordered the MPs to be taken to disciplinary committee (double jeopardy).
  6. You further ordered that the MPs pay for cost of damaged public address system.

Items. 6 and 7 where premeditated by you overnight. The is where you fail sort of leadership qualities. How do you beat a child for 24 hours because you as a parent is annoyed? That might be a misplaced question to you.

  1. You return to parliament next days and solicited for a motion to thank you for being a good Speaker moved by Hon. Musumba.
  2. Then you appear in the house again and say you cannot apologise for anything.
  3. The next day you appear in Parliament and took a middle stand saying you are civilian and don’t command armed forces.
  4. Subsequently you invited pastors to pray for you. Some have questionable conducts needless to say the church throughout it’s history have sided with the weak/victims not the strong like you. How I wish you knew you have probably got more curses. That parliament cannot be cleansed without the victims, that is what is haunting you.
  5. You disregarded advice of legal team at Parliament that you cannot suspend a Member in the next sitting were there was normalcy instead you put a lousy defence that the microphones where not being heard then how did you adjourn the house? How come we all heard “house adjourned to 2pm tomorrow” your intended slaughter day
  6. You spent the whole weekend visiting the tortured MPs an after thoughts and your message of apology to the MPs should instead go to the whole country who had high expectations of you.


  1. Adjourned Parliament.
  2. Call the Leadership of Opposition and have a meeting
  3. Involved Parliamentary Commissioners .
  4. Call for a bigger dialogue because what we did was on behalf of majority of Ugandans who cannot assemble now anyway.
  5. The rules even allows you to name an MP something VP Sekandi used “threat to name”

You are like a traffic officer who has options  cautioning but opts to issue a ticket.

Madam Kadaga you presided over rape of the last remaining arm of Government -Parliament the judiciary was raped by black mambas 9 years ago.

6.You should condemned to raid of parliament at the earliest possible convenient sitting.

The only exit route Madam Kadaga is not to make our pains in vein, come out clear on article 102(b). And apologize to all Ugandans you have nothing to lose but everything to gain, in any case you are already politically naked it serves nothing to cover you face.

Hon. Odonga Otto, is the Aruu county MP