Tumwebaze says no beef between Museveni, Bobi Wine

Cartoon credit [Change of Guards blog]

ICT and National Guidance minister Frank Tumwebaze says there is nothing between President Museveni and Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine.

Bobi Wine has been criticising Museveni and asking him to retire so 21st century ideas can take over while the president says the singer is still green in regional issues and a danger to Uganda as a country.

According to Tumwebaze, President Museveni is known for talking and using his brain. “Let’s not mix issues. Bobi Wine is popularly known for his music but eventually people will separate music and politics.”

He added: “I haven’t heard the issues Bobi Wine is raising apart from going to several places staging music concerts.”

Appearing on NBS TV Tuesday, Tumwebaze was asked to comment on the raid of parliament by soldiers guarding the president as well as the beating and arrest of MPs.

Tumwebaze said the sergeant-at-arms had to use minimum force and that there were no gunshots in the chamber of Parliament.

He asked religious leaders to call for calm and dialogue, saying they cease to be neutral when they condemn the speaker who rid Parliament of impunity.

“When you condemn the Speaker and you don’t condemn those blocking parliamentary activities, what interests do you have?”

On age limit, Tumwebaze said: “Why am I bold to say that I support removal of age limit? It’s because my constituents support the removal of age limit.”

He said when one looks back, decade after decade, there is need to celebrate independence. “As a Ugandan, I’m very proud. The course was not lost, we’re still on track since we got independence. We’re not regressing. Our GDP since 1986 shows that the country is progressing.”

He said the governance question is resolved. Governance is in the hands of the people and that’s why there is growth.

“In every sector, there is growth we never had. Look at health facilities, almost every sub-county in Uganda has a health centre. We are not saying that the challenges we have shouldn’t be there…let’s celebrate what we have.”

“Let’s hold government to account and demand more from it. A highly politicized society is an informed one.”