Kaija: it’s not yet uhuru, NRM is a black master

Harold Kaija

By banning Independence Celebrations in other places other than Bushyenyi where Mr. Museveni & his sycophants will be, our captors have confirmed that the majority Ugandans are not yet Independent!

The situation in Uganda is similar or worse than the Colonial times.

The only difference is that we are led by a BLACK MASTER.

Our Independence was hijacked before we would get it!!

Independence means that the citizens determine how they are led, policies and resources are distributed to benefit the citizens.

During the colonial times, colonialists grabbed land, today land grabbing is the order of the day and its about to be legalised.

Colonialists curtailed political mobilisation and organisation, today NRM introduced the POMA to restrict political mobilisation. Recently UCC stopped Live Broadcast to curtail access to information.

Colonialists exiled leaders who challenged them like Kabaka Mwanga, Omukama Kabalega and Kabaka Mutesa II, today NRM has exiled Omusinga Wesley Mumbere of Rwenzururu, Dr. Besigye was taken to Moroto, many Ugandans are in exile.

The colonial economy was controlled by the Indians and British. Today NRM gives all huge contracts like roads and dams to Chinese and those have state connections or related to those in the regime.

The colonialists gave Ugandans Education that would only prepare them to be submissive and work as clerks. Today NRM has UPE & USE which they publicly tell Ugandans that at least children can write their names!!

Those they want to manage the country, are given Statehouse Scholarships to study in expensive schools and others are taken abroad.

The colonialists used Divide & Rule method to entrench themselves in Uganda, the NRM too has divided Ugandans to a magnitude that has never been seen eg in Buganda they fueled Mengo vs Baluli, Mengo vs Banyala, landlords against Bibanja holder, in Bunyoro we see clashes with Baguruki, Bakonjo against Bamba, etc. All these are meant to divert the citizen from focussing on the wrongs done by the regime!! Actually the worrying groups run to Master to “help” them settle their difference. This makes the Master a small god who some people feel if he leaves power, they will suffer!!

The colonialists oppressed the locals. Today NRM uses oppression as a tool of consolidation in power, they have “Safe Houses” Nalufenya, Kireeka.

Of late, the oppression is public eg the torture of the Kasese people, FDC supporters, the moslem leaders, Kamwenge Mayor, police using criminal gangs nicknamed “Kifeesi” to beat up whoever comes out to demonstrate about anything that is going wrong, MPs on 27/9 etc.

Fellow citizens, Patriotism demands that we must get out of our sleep, roll our sleeves and get to work towards total UHURU (Independence) for its not yet Uhuru.

Harold Kaija, the Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] deputy secretary general