Doctors join prosecutors in salary strike


Doctors have joined state prosecutors in a countrywide industrial strike protesting bad working conditions and failure by government to meet their demands.

On Tuesday, state prosecutors resume their strike following the expiry of the 90-day grace period given to the government to address their concerns which included salary increment, a tax waiver on their salaries and promotions, among others.

They boycotted courts forcing magistrates to adjourn cases to future dates without knowing the stage of investigations.

In a new development, doctors under their umbrella body Uganda Medical Association (UMA), have also voted to go on strike at all public hospitals beginning next month.

They met at Mulago hospital in Kampala and made demands including; allowances for overtime, housing, transport, medical risk, and retention.

President Museveni has tasked the Public Service ministry to review and streamline all salaries of civil servants following a spate of strikes by public servants.