Mzee claims to be Museveni OB, asks him to leave power  

Mzee Ishanga

An elderly man who claims to have gone to school with President Yoweri Museveni has asked him to retire, go home to Rwakitura and let someone else lead Ugandans.

Museveni, 73, attended Kyamate Elementary School, Mbarara High School, and Ntare School. In 1967, he went to the University of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania.

It is not clear where exactly Mzee Ishanga from Kyatoko Rukungiri district attended school with Museveni. He insists he is Museveni’s Old Boy [OB— a former male pupil of a school, college, or university].

In a recorded video, Ishanga who reportedly went to school with Museveni [Kyamate? Ntare?], now asks him not to pursue the life presidency project.

In the video shared by former presidential candidate, Kizza Besigye, the grey-haired elderly man is seen wearing a red ribbon that opposition members used during their Red Tuesday civil disobedience protests.

Victoria University

“Now, let me speak in Runyankole…not English,” he started off, arms akimbo.

Mzee claims to be Museveni’s OB

“Sir President, don’t go beyond 35 years. Uganda has other educated people,” he argued.

“As someone who went to school with you, I request that you retire and go home,” he maintained, adding, “Let Ugandans vote someone they want so he can lead them.”

Mzee Ishanga’s remarks come at a time opposition is engaging in civil disobedience to protest plans to amend the constitution and allow Museveni to stay in power.

Some ruling NRM MPs have come out to denounce their own party’s plans to amend the constitution and allow their chairman, President Museveni, to rule for life.

They include; Sylvia Rwabwogo [Kabarole District Woman Representative], Abbas Agaba (Kitagwenda, Kamwenge) Alex Ruhunda (Fort Portal Municipality) And Andrew Martial (former Igara East MP).

Another NRM supporter Benjamin George Alipanga has since sued the Attorney General for allowing the tabling of the age limit bill championed by Igara West MP Raphael Magyezi.

Alipanga’s lawyer, Fred Muwema, says the case of his was not filed recently, it was filed in 2014.

“Parliament should allow the due process of court to be followed. Let everybody submit themselves to authority of court.”

Magyezi says he will withdraw the bill if he takes it to his constituency and voters overwhelmingly refuse to support it.