Muntu: if we don’t unite, we’ll remain Museveni captives 

Muntu addressing opposition members

Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] presidential candidate, Mugisha Muntu, has urged Ugandans to put aside their differences at least this time so as to defend the constitution which concerns everyone.

Muntu said it was great seeing even Ugandans abroad (UK) join in the struggle to protect the constitution. “Thank you for making your voices heard.”

Muntu has always insisted that the opposition struggle against the regime must be strategic, organised and well planned. “We must be able to reach beyond party lines and galvanize all pro-democratic forces behind goals and objectives that are beyond simply taking power.”

He said not everyone can be in parliament, but citizens can support those that are. Not everyone is a religious leader, but people can support religious leaders to speak out against injustice.

“We are not all farmers, teachers, armed forces or boda boda riders, but we can enable all these voices to be heard. As we continue to mobilize all good-willed Ugandans against the tyranny of Gen. Museveni, we must be open to various methods and approaches.”

Victoria University

He said it is true what Lincoln said; ‘a house divided against itself cannot stand’. “We are one Uganda, one people with a shared future. Let’s use our differences as a strength to build the country, not a weapon to tear down each other.”

He said unless this happens, all Ugandans will remain captives in their own homes by the regime that continues to “pursue self-serving interests”.

Muntu cited a case where a small number of opposition MPs constituted the majority. “Patriotic MPs from across the political spectrum chose to stand on the right hand of history, demonstrating to the entire world the power that comes, not from military might or a parliamentary majority, but from simply being on the side of justice.”

He said their chorus of the nation’s anthem not only beamed the hopes and aspirations of the entire country to the world, but also petitioned the heavens for God’s will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.

“We thank all MPs that defeated today’s ill-conceived attempt to undo our constitution. We as a nation must recognize what Martin Luther King Jnr. referred to as the ‘the fierce urgency of now’.”

Muntu said Ugandans must take these MPs’ defiant actions on the floor of parliament as the rallying call for everyone too, to take their stand against the selfish interests that seek to turn the country into one man’s laboratory.

“We too must make our voices heard. From our gardens and workplaces, lecture halls and homes, we must rise as one voice. We must express our will in whatever way we can. We must speak out until our voices can be ignored no longer by those that have for so long pursued their own ends.”

Muntu says it is time for Ugandans to recommit to liberty, constitutionalism, to the rule of law and do their duty, to create a Uganda in which the children will live, thrive and prosper without feeling that the scales of justice are tipped towards only a certain group of people and not others or that opportunities abound only for a privileged few.

“This can only happen, if we succeed in preserving the age limit in the constitution. For only then can Ugandans begin planning for a peaceful transition into a post-Museveni era. Let your voices be heard.”