Katumba visits Zaake who he punched into a coma

Katumba visits Zaake

Former army commander Gen Katumba Wamala, has visited Mityana Municipality MP, Francis Mutebi Zaake, in hospital where he sent him with multiple punches that broke the legislator’s ribs.

Zaake is currently admitted at Rubaga Hospital after Katumba, also State minister for works, beat him to a point of a coma.

Katumba in a tweet said he beat Zaake for destroying chairs and other parliament property.

“I warned him against wild behaviour. The behaviour of Hon. Zaake in Parliament ever since these issues came up is for everybody to see,” Katumba told NTV.

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“I had never seen it anywhere in the history of Parliament of Uganda that a Member of Parliament would jump on the Speaker’s table and put legs up like he’s doing gymnastics,” he said.

He said when the fracas was just starting, Hon Zaake removed his belt and started attacking everyone like he was under the influence of something.

Katumba said he grabbed Zaake and threatened to beat him after he threw chairs.

“I grabbed him and said Zaake, ‘I’m going to beat you’. It’s true I clenched my fist and I said Zaake, ‘I’m going to beat you’. I didn’t beat him.”

A video captured in parliament shows Katumba punching Zaake several times in the stomach and on the head.

But Katumba claims the “blow never landed on him though I made my intentions clear that if he didn’t stop his wild behaviour, I was going to punch him”.

Zaake says he has since forgiven Katumba and will let God be the one to punish the soldier.