Angry voters beat Nabakooba, Kiwanda over age limit

Hon.Judith Nabakooba

State minister for Tourism Godfrey Kiwanda aka “rolex minister” and Mityana District Woman MP Hon Judith Nabakooba got their share of a beating by angry voters for daring preach to them age limit removal.

The two ruling party members had organised a rally on Friday to popularise and explain to their constituents the importance of removing the presidential age limit from the constitution.

Instead the electorate who had gathered in Kiyoganye trading centre accused the pair of supporting the bill that would allow President Museveni to rule forever and moved to stone.

The attack happened in the presence of Mityana LC5 chairman Joseph Luzige when hundreds of stick-wielding youths descended on the two and attempted to lynch them.

CBS Radio journalist Nsubuga Kasumba who witnessed the chaos said it was Kiwanda who was stoned first and chased away.

After he left, Nabakooba also came and was treated in the same way. She fled the scene amid a shower of stones only to be rescued by riot police led by Mityana DPC Emmanuel Makumbi.

Minister Kiwanda carrying a python

Nabakooba, a former police spokesperson, called upon to capture the “drunkards” who attacked her and bring them to book.

She claimed some people paid youths to disrupt the rally saying she was saddened to see youths “drunk and shouting on top of their voices”.

She advised them to take up jobs instead of being used by politicians.

She shouted inside her car “these can’t be Mityana people” and the youth replied “we are your voters.” They kept chanting Togikwatako, a slogan used widely to denounce life presidency.

Before running, a nervous Nabakooba said its high time Museveni gives VVIP escorts MPs when visiting their constituencies. The youth vowed this time they won’t be silenced by cash handouts.

Judith Nabakooba (L) with Judith Babirye

In August, an embarrassing scene was recorded in Masheruka Parish, Kigarama Subcounty, Sheema district when electorates walked away from a meeting leaving Minister of Science, Technology & Innovation, Elioda Tumwesigye, to talk to himself.

In between his speech, Elioda started preaching the removal of the presidential age limit. The residents who could not take it anymore, started walking away one after the other leaving the minister staring in empty space.

A week ago, Kaliro district voters nearly beat up their area Woman Member of Parliament Margret Mbeiza Kisira who belongs to the ruling NRM party for uttering “age limit removal” in their presence.

The youth instead turned rowdy and heckled the legislator: “Togikwatako [don’t dare it-the constitution]”. They shouted at the top of their voices drowning Mbeiza’s own voice.

Without giving her an opportunity to explain herself, the youth shepherded Mbeiza back into her car and ordered her to drive off before they could succumb to their better judgment and beat her up.