CCTV cameras: Beti Kamya smuggled out Kibuule’s gun

Beti Kamya in her office

A senior cabinet minister aided state minister for water Ronald Kibuule, to smuggle out a gun he had illegally entered with in the chambers, the Parliamentary CCTV footage has shown.

Beti Kamya, the minister for Kampala, recently shook Ugandans out of their skins when she said her boss, President Yoweri Museveni, is more intelligent than all members of his cabinet combined.

“For the little time I have worked with the president, I find him, a very informed and tolerant leader. I sit in cabinet every Wednesday, but actually I think he is more intelligent than cabinet combined,” Beti Kamya said.

“Therefore, you can’t just do away with him,” she added.

Well, on Tuesday, Kira municipality MP Ssemujju Nganda, told Speaker Rebecca Kadaga that Kibuule had entered the chamber with a gun and had threatened to shoot him dead.

The accusation sparked off a fist fight between the MPs. Kadaga was forced to direct the Sergeant-at-arms to search the MPs but no gun was recovered.

During the confusion, Kibuule quietly passed on the gun to Kamya who was seated next to him.

Kampala minister Beti Kamya [New Vision photo]
Before the search commenced, Kamya was seen sneaking out of the house like a school girl escaping from the dormitory to go for a dance.

The video footage from the chambers shows Kamya putting the gun in her hand bag and walking out.

When Kibuule was sure that the gun had been smuggled out, he stood up, removed his jacket and demanded to be searched but nothing was found on him.

Kadaga orders Kibuule investigated

After Kadaga viewed the footage, she suspended Kibuule for putting the lives of everyone at risk by carrying a fire arm into the chamber.

She has since directed parliament’s rules, discipline and privileges committee to investigate Kibuule saying his motive for entering with a weapon has not yet been established.