Jobless youth petition IGG to probe MPs for age limit bribes

Jobless Brotherhood marching to the IGG's office

Members of the Jobless Brotherhood have marched to the office of the Inspector General of Government [IGG] in Kampala in their extensive protest against the proposed scrapping of the presidential age limit.

The youth who are coordinated by Norman Tumuhimbise are petitioning IGG Irene Mulyagonja to investigate ruling National Resistance Movement [NRM] Members of Parliament for allegedly taking bribes to lift the age limit.

Their claims come at a time pro-age limit MPs are accused of pocketing about Shs244m [unverified claim] to lift age limit while the chief mover and Igara West MP Raphael Magezi has reportedly been given a flat near State House.

But the youth want the IGG to investigate especially Arua Municipality MP Ibrahim Abiriga and his group over funds they allegedly received to champion the age limit bill.

At the start of the age limit saga in July this year, Abiriga allegedly led a section of MPs to demand Shs350m loan bailout to scrap the presidential age limit.

The youth

Social media was awash with rumours that the First Lady, Janet Kataaha Museveni, has already rolled out between Shs350m to Shs400m to allegedly buy off MPs so they can scrap the presidential age limit.

US based Ugandan critic, Nathan Span, claims Janet met some MPs and gave them Shs4bn to popularise the age limit removal in the country.

The MPs in question are; James Kakooza [Kabula county], Ashraf Olega [Yumbe central], Simeo Nsubuga [Current MP for Kassanda County South], Gordon Bafaki [Kazo county], Paul Amoru [Dokolo North], Hillary Lokwang [Ike county] and Abiriga [Arua Municipality].

In his reckless verbose, Abiriga confirmed the meeting saying President Museveni will pay Shs350m to each MP, State House will bailout the MPs loans which they took from the former crane bank, the President will allow the inclusion of a close in this amendment to extend the MPs Parliamentary term to 7 years because voters have threatened not to vote the MPs who support this bill back to Parliament in the next elections.

Police led by DPC Joseph Bakaleke on Monday surrounded the IGG’s offices to block the youth from causing chaos at the government facility.

Police intercepts the youth

In the petition handed to the IGG, Jobless Brotherhood alleges that MPs were paid Shs800m to push for presidential age limit removal.

The youth who demand an extensive investigation that will touch even independents and opposition MPs had 14 of their members arrested last week in down town Kampala in an age-limit demonstration.

The youth were found distributing fliers calling upon the public to join the fight and defend the Constitution against what they called ‘selfish people.’

Those arrested were; Abel Mucunguzi, Eddy Atwin, Mushinguzi, Johab Agaba, Eria Musoke , Nasser Nsereeko, Jackson Ssemwanga, Edward Luta, Edris Mutebi and Robert Ntambi, among others.

Dressed in all white attire, the youth were seen distributing fliers to members of the public. They had earlier burned Museveni t-shirts in anger.

Monday police deployment


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