Police recovers pistol, seizes gas & uproots marijuana garden


The Pistol was recovered from Kulumba Zone along Tula Road Kawempe Division by the residents.

Police said the arm was identified as ‘star pistol’ with all the 15 rounds of ammunition intact. Investigations and inquiries are ongoing to identify it’s owner and circumstances under which it was abandoned.

Police in Salaama also intercepted a vehicle filled with 23 TOTAL Gas Cylinders at a checkpoint.

Police believes they were being prepared for dubious and harmful activities.

Victoria University

Vehicle occupants are in police custody for questioning over the ownership.


Police together with Busibante community raid and uproot one acre of marijuana.

After public outcry over the mysterious activities in the area, police heed to the community whistle blow call.

Community elders are very pleased with this police operation and they appeal to police to do more raids and uproot marijuana around their areas.

“We shall not give them time to commit crime. We urge the public to report criminals to curb insecurity,” AIP Mutaire James (OC CID Najeera) said.

He said police is working with other stations under Kampala metropolitan area to stop drug trafficking.

Kampala Metropolitan Police appeals to the local communities to contact police and report any similar activities happening in our communities so that police can remove them.



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