Abiriga threatens to resign as rebel MPs announce anti-age limit bill

MP Abiriga captured quenching thirst moments after the fist fight with Ayivu county MP Benard Atiku

Before his epic beating at parliament, Arua Municipality MP Ibrahim Abiriga had Tuesday threatened to resign from his seat after dissenting legislators announced they would table a bill to counter the age limit bill.

The rebel ruling party NRM MPs filed a notice of a motion to counter the Age-Limit removal motion which Abiriga, privatisation minister Evelyn Anite and Igara West MP Raphael Magezi support fervently.

The rebel MPs’ notice was filed on Monday afternoon. Kasambya MP Patrick Nsamba Oshabe is the mover while Monica Amoding [Kumi] and Theodore Ssekikubo [Lwemiyaga] are the seconders.

Kawempe South MP Mubarak Munyagwa told age limit supporters to give it up if they don’t trust their martial arts.

“If you don’t trust your martial arts, get off age limit removal campaign. We’ll sort ourselves out,” Munyagwa said on Tuesday.

“Please manage your problems, leave the presidential age limit alone,” he added.

Abiriga to resign if he loses the battle  

Abiriga who was donning a spotted wear resembling a leopard threatened to resign from Parliament should the Age Limit removal bill collapse.

Abiriga said some MPs in NRM ‘are bad people’ because during the day they are for Age Limit and at night against it.

“It is only Gen. Yoweri Museveni who can unite Uganda. That is why I want to die behind this thing,” he asserted.

Earlier, rumours had circulated saying the bill would be tabled Tuesday but deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanyah, said he had deferred the two bills received.

“I received two motions today, none of these motions will come on the floor of Parliament until the meeting on Thursday morning,” he told plenary.

Speaking on the matter, Igara West MP Raphael Magezi said he is a man of integrity in this respect.

“I can’t receive money to do my job. I consulted my people.”

He added: “We are not here for President Museveni. We are here to amend the constitution and the law provides for that.”

This also come on heels of reports by social media critic Tom Voltaire Okwalinga aka TVO claiming that the people of Igara in Ankole had refused condolences from “the disgraced MP who has been given millions to lead the removal of age limit”.

“He was hounded off the burial grounds by enraged local people. My advice to him is to get accommodation at parliament where there are armed guards, and even there the people will soon pay a harsh visit,” TVO suggested.



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