You’re a rascal, Matembe tells Baryomunsi in age limit clash

Miria Matembe

Former Ethics and Integrity minister, Miria Matembe, lost her cool on live television and went personal with Chris Baryomunsi, the State Minister for Housing.

The politicians were discussing the Age Limit Debate and Land Amendment Bill on NBS TV “Frontline” programme alongside Burahya County MP, Hon. Margaret Mugisa Muhanga.

“When I see people quote America, I wonder. America has its own history. No one is saying a constitution can’t be amended, but you can’t amend the constitution against its values,” Matembe noted.

She said what is happening right now in Uganda is the forces of tyranny, oppression and exploitation.

“The very fears that Ugandans had are the very things for which the provisions are being erased,” she pointed out, adding, “Ugandans out there are crying but they are ready. Because you have jobs, you forget what our brothers died for.”

Baryomunsi, in response, said Land Amendment Bill is about settling a dispute between owners of land and government after valuation.

Baryomunsi: These Matembes make noise here then go state house in the night.

Matembe: This man (Baryomunsi) must be hopeless. Have I ever gone to State House for money?

Baryomunsi insisted that he had evidence Matembe, during her tenure as chairperson of the Committee on Rules, Privileges and Discipline a permanent committee of the parliament, would get money from Museveni.

Matembe: Me? You are a muyaye [rascal]. Have I ever gone to State House for money? Can you prove it? We are going to court.

She went on: We are also ready to die for this [land and age limit]!

Baryomunsi: We shall bury you.

Muhanga who was appearing on the same show clarified that the Tuesday meeting of NRM MPs at parliament was not a cause but a consultative meeting which was facilitated by NRM caucus committee.

She said Privatisation minister Evelyn Anite claimed support of the army because they are being intimidated.

“She [Anite] could have gone overboard. The intimidation is too much. You can see how Matembe is threatening me.”

Matembe: Uh, I don’t know you. Where did I find you to threaten you?

Muhanga pressed on saying the NRM government means well. “All the laws being brought mean well. Government has never cheated anybody, we are the ones who cheat government.”

Speaking earlier, former Rubaga North MP, Hon. Wasswa Lule, said there is a desire, for once in the history of Uganda, to have a peaceful transition.

On his part, Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago said whoever attempts to amend the Constitution in regards to the age limit will meet stiff resistance.

Addressing a press conference at City Hall on Thursday, Lukwago said the people of Kampala that he represents will not allow anyone who attempts to alter the constitution for their own selfish interests

“I am the political head of city and the voice of the people. We are ready to attack whoever wants to amend article 102(b),” Lukwago said, adding, “The preamble of the Constitution shows clearly where this country has come from that there was a lot of bloodshed that was solved through this set of rules. Why would someone come out to alter them?”

Lukwago said that it is absurd that President Museveni has used a certain group of people to wash away certain ’roadblocks’ in the constitution that would prohibit him from ruling for life.


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