Minister dons al-Shabaab wear to surprise corrupt officials

Sarah Opendi's Shebab wear

State Minister for Health for General Duties, Hon. Sarah Opendi, on Friday assumed the look of al-Shabaab militants and raided Naguru hospital in Kampala.

It is not clear why of all manners of disguise, Opendi chose the burka-almost sacred Islamic clothing.

According to Sharia law–as per standards of modesty, a Muslim woman is required to cover her body, particularly her chest.

The Quran calls for women to “draw their head-coverings over their chests” (24:30-31), and the Prophet Muhammad instructed that women should cover their bodies except for their face and hands.

Most Muslims interpret this to require head coverings for women, although some Muslim women, especially those of more conservative branches of Islam, cover the entire body, including the face and/or hands, with a full body chador.


Well, this is the look that Opendi assumed, disguising herself as a patient to investigate reports of alleged corruption at China-Naguru Hospital.

The veiled minister who many could have mistaken for an al-Shabaab militant managed to get two health workers arrested for soliciting a bribe from her.

A laboratory technician and a nursing assistant, according to minister’s statement, were arrested by the Minister and Health Monitoring Unit for charging for charging money yet Government Health Facilities are meant to offer free services.


Police confirms arrests

Police confirmed in a statement that it had arrested two Naguru Hospital workers for soliciting Shs155,000U bribe from the health minister.

It is said that after a long period of receiving numerous reports that Naguru health workers ask patients to pay for what is meant to be free services the minister for health was prompted to make a unique camouflage call.

She then disguised herself as a patient with abdominal complications and went through all the steps like any other patient including buying a 32-paged exercise book where doctors can write their medical notes like diagnosis and treatment.

According to Ms Opendi, the suspects will be taken to the Anti-Corruption Court over corruption charges.

The arrested include Mr Andrew Kalule, a lab technologist who asked for Shs150, 000 to perform the recommended tests and Christine Namanda, a nursing assistant that also asked for Shs5,000 in order to avail testing stripes used to diagnose diabetes.

The hospital management applauded the minister for helping them expose the culprits who have been extorting money from patients.

“We don’t condone health workers’ conduct of collecting money from our patients because we have free and private services. Those patients who pay money at our private wing should be given a receipt by the cashier,” said Dr Stephen Kyebambe, Deputy Hospital Director.



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