FDC’s Nantale suing NRM, police for Iganga poll chaos

Nantale, Lukwago and Besigye campaigning

Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] candidate, Mariam Nantale, says she is going to court over the concluded Iganga district Woman MP By-elections.

Brenda Asinde aka Maama Maadi, the NRM candidate won the seat after beating Nantale with a difference of 19,120 votes.

According to the results released by the District Returning Officer, Mercy Ataho, NRM’s Asinde picked 43,197 votes while FDC’s Nantale got 24,077 votes.

Other contenders were Babirye Asha [7052 votes], Oliver Kwagala [1,212 votes] and Aziza Kakerewe [689].

Nantale said the voting process was marred by violence and intimidation by state security services.

Victoria University

The Iganga district elections that started on a good note ended in violence when Nantale almost lost her life.

She was attacked by NRM supporters at Nakalama Primary school who beat her in the presence of Tanga Odoi, the ruling party electoral commission boss.

“The police was partisan during the campaign. They gave much protection to the NRM candidate,” she told press.

She added: “The elections were not free and fair at all. The police was playing partisan. There was too much deployment on ground.”

Former FDC president, Kizza Besigye, said the votes cast exceeded registered voters in Iganga district.

He cited violence and voter bribery as the reasons NRM won the seat.

Ingrid Turinawe, the FDC secretary for mobilisation, said police took over a full role of intimidating voters in several polling stations.

“At Busowobi Primary school, a police truck UP 5739 is parking in between the two polling stations, with 10 police officers, all armed, some on the truck, others taking positions on the ground,” she said.



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