Age limit: MPs threaten motion to censure Anite

MP Nambeshe threatens to move a motion to censure the state minister for investment

John Baptist Nambeshe, the NRM MP representing Manjiya County in Bududa district, has suggested that a motion be moved in parliament to censure State Minister of Investment, Evelyn Anite.

The overzealous “Museveni’s daughter” told press on Thursday the national army was available to protect her team which is championing the scrapping of the age limit clause from the constitution.

“We have numbers. We shall not go to the gym because we are fit. They should know that we are the ones in charge. If they can’t outsmart us with reason, they should wait for Ugandans to give them their mandate. You can’t tell us ‘tojjiikwatako’ when it’s our job,” Anite cried out.

She went on: “It’s like telling us not to do our job. We shall not succumb to intimidation. I heard Ssekikubo, Tinkasimire and other MPs threatening us. We are not intimidated. We have the support, even support of the ‘majje (army).”

Speaking to press on Friday, Nambeshe said huge sums of money was dished out to facilitate agents of the presidential age limit removal campaign.

The legislator threatened to move a motion to censure Anite for making what he termed as “reckless statements”.

Earlier, Nambeshe told NBS television that no amount of money would change him.

“If you are talking about the dichotomy of ‘haves & havenots’, Eastern Uganda is at the tail,” he said but maintained he would never sell his soul to support the age limit crusade.

Speaking on the same press conference yesterday, NRM ‘rebel’ MPs told minister Anite to retract her statement on the alleged army support of the age limit removal bill or they censure her.

Kumi Woman Member of Parliament, Monica Amoding, demanded that the party chairman, President Yoweri Museveni, suspends Anite.

Failure to suspend her will see the legislators collect signatures to have her kicked out of the legislative house.

To Amonding, the army is an institution meant to protect the citizens of Uganda which includes defending the constitution.

She challenged the army to speak out on this matter. But earlier, Lt Col Deo Akiiki, the deputy army spokesperson, said UPDF is non-partisan and that Anite’s statements were personal.

This was reiterated by Dokolo South MP, Felix Okot Ogong, who believes UPDF should be non-partisan, national in character, professional, disciplined and subordinate to civilian authority, according to the constitution of Uganda.

Lwemiya County MP, Theodore Ssekikubo, equated Anite’s statements to committing of treason.

He accused her of attempting to incite and instigate the army to take over a constitutional order, suggesting that she should be arrested and locked away in Luzira prisons.


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