Tanzania police gives Kayihura evidence against ADF’s Mukulu

ADF leader Jamil Mukulu

Tanzania police has handed to Uganda police evidence linking Jamil Mukulu, the leader of the rebel Allied Democratic Front (ADF) to crimes against humanity.

In 2015, the ADF charismatic leader, Jamil Mukulu, was captured in Tanzania dealing the terror group holed up in the Democratic Republic of Congo, has been dealt a deadly blow.

A catholic convert who embraced Islam, Jamil Mukulu, romanticised the lofty ideals of jihad.

He started a rebellion with a view of imposing Sharia law in Uganda.

His role now falls in the hands of his deputy Sheikh Musa Baluku, Hood Lukwago- the ADF overall commander and Elias Segujja alias Fezza, who is a senior ADF military commander.

Victoria University

Uganda Radio Network [URN] quotes the Inspector General of Police, Kale Kayihura thanking Tanzania police for arresting the most wanted criminal.

He was addressing heads of Criminal Investigations, Counter terrorism, Training and Legal Directorates of Police Forces under the East African Police Chiefs Cooperation Organisation (EAPCCO) at Speke Resort Munyonyo.

Mukulu has been on remand since he was repatriated from Tanzania to face charges of murder, terrorism and crimes against humanity.

In July this year, Ugandan detectives went to Tanzania to collect more evidence against Mukulu.

“We really want to thank Tanzania for helping us with one of Uganda’s most wanted criminal, Jamil Mukulu. They have given us evidence that will help put him away for good,” Kayihura is quoted by URN as saying.

The Directorate of Public Prosecution (DPP) has been struggling to put together evidence that can warrant a prosecution.

According to Kayihura, the evidence provided by Tanzania will help get them a conviction from court and send Mukulu to prison.

Among the evidence given by Tanzania are audio recordings, phone records and passports used by Mukulu in his errands as well as names of witnesses.

Mukulu is accused of having orchestrated terror attacks that lead to the death of hundreds of people both within and outside Uganda especially in areas of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Tanzania is one of the 13 EAPCCO member states whose police bosses in charge of investigations and training are meeting.

Credit: URN




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