Mirundi: mafia want to take power, install mafia president

Tamale Mirundi

Presidential advisor on media matters, Tamale Mirundi, now claims that mafia are trying to depose President Yoweri Museveni so they can install their own president.

“Once you have oil, all the thieves, more experienced thieves converge in your country,” he told Muyanga Lutaaya who hosts NBS “Extra” programme on Tuesday.

According to Mirundi, a corrupt system aids criminals.

He said all these people calling to drive debate during the land radio talk shows are paid for.

“When you see the owner of the house go into the kitchen then you know you have failed.

He went on: “I don’t believe in miracles, I believe in witchcraft. Where were his (Museveni’s) ministers before the land debate got out of hand?”

Mirundi concluded that it’s the “mafia” who want to take power “to install a mafia sponsored president” that responds to their needs.

Assessing President Museveni’s land campaigns, Busiro East MP, Hon. Medard Ssegona, said the president is free to express himself but he’s not authoritative enough to explain the law.

“My understanding is that one can only teach what they understand. The president has destroyed all institutions supposed to explain to the people. If the institutions are failed then the president has failed as well”.

But Hon. Dr. Chris Baryomunsi, the Minister of State for Lands, Housing and Urban Development (Housing), says Museveni is a “down-to-earth” president because of moving around the country to explain land matters on radio.

According to Baryomunsi, most of these people have not understood what Land Amendment Bill is about. “They are believing in falsehoods. Museveni’s land campaign shows that the president is a down to earth leader who likes engaging with people.”

Ndebesa Mwambustya, a Makerere University law lecturer, believes Museveni is doing land campaigns because it realised that there was a bigger opposition to the way the bill was presented.

“I’m a lawyer at all but I’m not ignorant for him to give me a constitution. I know what it means to take people’s land.”



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