Baryomunsi calls Museveni a down-to-earth leader

Museveni hugs an elderly woman in Masaka

Hon. Dr. Chris Baryomunsi, the Minister of State for Lands, Housing and Urban Development (Housing), has glorified President Yoweri Museveni as a “down-to-earth” president because of moving around the country to explain land matters on radio.

Baryomunsi was discussing President Museveni’s land campaign on NBS television Monday alongside Ndebesa Mwambustya, a Makerere University law lecturer.

He said during the radio talk shows, they found on ground is that people had been poisoned and misled that this law is meant to take their land.

“Article 26 says government is empowered to compulsorily acquire your land but it should first compensate you.”

According to Baryomunsi, most of these people have not understood what Land Amendment Bill is about.

“They are believing in falsehoods. Museveni’s land campaign shows that the president is a down to earth leader who likes engaging with people.”

Ndebesa, on the other hand, said government is doing land campaigns because it realised that there was a bigger opposition to the way the bill was presented.

“Uganda is not yet a nation state. People’s sentiments are still attached to their ethnics and communities,” he said.

Ndebesa suggested a need for another method to regulate how government gives out public land to investors.

“I’m a lawyer at all but I’m not ignorant for him to give me a constitution. I know what it means to take people’s land.”

He added: “I have heard the president and his ministers speak but this discussion should be about generating a national consensus.”




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