Kiboko, arrests, bruises as FDC, NRM fans fight in Iganga

An NRM supporter on hospital bed with bruises

Police in Iganga district is holding three people for participating in a bitter fight between opposition Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] supporters and those of the ruling National Resistance Movement [NRM].

The fist fight went down over the weekend between supporters loyal to NRM’s Brenda Asinde and those allied to FDC’s Mariam Nantale who are vying for the Iganga Woman MP in the by-election.

The by-election for Woman MP that is scheduled for Thursday this week. The clashes left five people badly injured.

According to the report, the rival parties met at one trading centre in Iganga town where the candidates went personal in a verbal battle followed by stones and blows from their supporters.

Police was called in to contain the situation. However, one of the officers too was hit with a stone from the rowdy crowd.

Some of the injured
Victoria University

Earlier, UPDF soldiers treated FDC supporters to doses of “kiboko” [canes] who were trying pin posters of their candidate along Busoga University road.

Last month, chaos erupted in Iganga town with police firing teargas and bullets to disperse supporters of the FDC and NRM who clashed.

The FDC supporters were marching along Kaliro road, after the nomination of their candidate Nantale who had earlier been turned away by the electoral commission.

Her name was later verified by the National card identification authority and nominated later on.

Museveni campaigns for Brenda 

The NRM National party chairman Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is already in Iganga to launch campaign for NRM flag bearer.

Museveni is due to move in all sub-counties of Iganga before he finally addresses a rally at Iganga freedom square in Iganga municipality.

This seat fell vacant following the death of the former legislator Hailat Kaudha who succumbed to pregnancy-related complications in May.

Other candidates are; Mariam Nakato, Aziza Kakerewe and Olivia Kwagala Mawanda, all independents.




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