Kasule sweet-talks NRM defectors, apologises for 2016 poll errors

Lumumba welcoming NRM defectors

Geoffrey Musobya, 38, was among the many supporters who had walked away from the ruling National Resistance Movement [NRM] but have now returned “home”.

“I have been campaigning against the NRM candidate but your talk has won my soul back home”, Musobya publicly confessed at a meeting addressed by NRM Secretary General Hon Justine Kasule Lumumba at Bulamagi Sub County headquarters in Iganga district this Sunday.

Musobya, a former district councillor representing Bulamagi was among the 101 NRM and opinion leaders invited for the consultative meeting in this sub county.

He said the SG’s talk had deeply touched him and opted to ‘return home’. He also named several others who had walked away but they all later accepted to support the NRM candidate.

SG Lumumba is in Iganga to canvass support for Asinde Suubi Brenda, the party flag bearer in the by-elections of Iganga district woman Member of Parliament.

Victoria University

Lumumba warned party members against the increasing internal bickering at different administrative units and called for immediate reconciliation a head of the Thursday polls.

She was also quick to apologise to members for any shortcomings especially during the 2016 party primaries.

“If the party or individuals within the party have wronged you, I am here for your forgiveness”, said an apologetic Secretary General who had earlier addressed a similar gathering in Nakigo Sub County.

Her speech at both venues left many changed and vowed to vote NRM.

Lumumba said the Secretariat had since the general elections been involved in a number of activities ranging from court battles to by-elections.

This busy schedule, she explained, had consumed most of the team’s time and partly kept them away from its members.

The Secretary General however added that her team was working on a better strategy to be used in reaching out to its members regularly.

She reminded the participants to avoid loose talks and always avoid actions that may have a negative impact on their siblings.


Sam Mbago, the NRM chairperson said the SG’s visit had increased the party’s chances of winning in his Sub County.

He also pleaded that the government considers deploying Ms. Mercy Walukamba within the government circles for her exemplary gesture towards the party members.

Walukamba contested in the primaries but opted not to contest on an individual merit.

Okurut Moses called for government intervention in renovating and expanding of Namasoga and Bulamagi Secondary schools.

The SG was in company of State ministers Moses Kizige (Karamoja Affairs), Gume Frederick (Cooperatives), MP Moses Walyomu (Kagoma) and former area MP Hon Milton Muwuma.



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