Court rejects exhuming Ssemwanga grave to remove money  

Zari on Ivan's grave

Kampala High Court has thrown out a petition seeking to exhume the remains of the late moneybags, Ivan Ssemwanga.

It was filed by Abbey Mgugu who accused A-Plus Funeral Services and Bank of Uganda for allowing the businessman to be buried with money back at his Kayunga home in May this year.

Ivan died in a Pretoria hospital in the administrative city of South Africa.

On Monday, Lady Justice Margaret Oguli ruled that Ivan’s family never entered an agreement that required A-Plus to monitor how they use currency notes during the burial.

The judge explained that A-Plus as a company did not thrown the money in the grave which exonerates them in the matter.

Ssemwanga’s grave
Victoria University

The judge further found Bank of Uganda guiltless of neglecting its duty to protect the currency notes which the plaintiff wants brought back into circulation.

Meanwhile, unconfirmed gossip also claims Ssemwanga’s uncle threatened to sue widow, Zarina Hassan aka Zari for turning the late’s grave into a photo-shooting gallery.

Haruna Ssebagala, a professional photographer, recently took photos of Zari on the grave, a move that angered the family who didn’t understand her intentions.

“If she continues with such behaviour, disrespecting our son’s grave like that, we will file an injunction blocking her from ever visiting again,” Ssemwanga’s Uncle was quoted by media as saying.



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