Bebe Cool hospitalised, his ‘little girl’ operated

Bebe Cool on hospital bed

Singer Moses Ssali aka Big Size alias Bebe Cool Moses is sick and hospitalised.

Richard Kleberson, Gagamel phamily administrator, confirmed the development but has not yet revealed what the singer is suffering from or where he is hospitalised.

However, Bebe himself shared pictures where he is on drip in a hospital room.

“Even the strong can fall. But all is going to be well as am taken care of by the best,” he wrote on social media.

Victoria University

He added: “All set programs will be on despite the health setback. Who Jah bless no evil can undo.”

According to Kleberson, while he is recovering from the sickness, Bebe Cool’s Episode at Coke Studio airs this Saturday 8pm on NTV Uganda.

Bebe’s “little girl” operated

Meanwhile, a little girl from Iganga who had a skin disorder on her head was operated on last month and the operation was successful.

The credit goes to Bebe Cool who she now calls “daddy Bebe Cool”. She even managed to talk to the singer who was on a UK tour through a video call.

Bebe Cool’s little girl in hospital

On August 29, Bebe posted: “My little girl who we enrolled into Mulago hospital had her first operation on her head. This was successfully done in Kiruddu Health Centre and she asked to talk to me just to say thanks.”

“I had tears in my eyes as she spoke to me on video call, she looked straight in my eyes and said I want to eat eggs daddy. This girl will undergo several operations to try and give her a look that can help restore her self-confidence and am now sure in Allah’s name with your prayers, she will be normal like any child.”

He went on: “So many things we fight to achieve in life, billions of money, titles, riches, houses, fame, e.t.c make us feel like we may have achieved but for sure it’s different when you get a genuine thank you from a person who means it, whose life you can change positively by doing that little thing for them.”

His first born and also a musician, Allan Hendrick, was in hospital to check on the little girl.

“And in my absence, thanks Allan Hendrick for visiting that soul my son because that’s what makes us better people in life.”

Bebe also helped music producer Danz Kumapeesa in paying part of his Shs20m hospital bill.



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