MP: Kayihura, Tumukunde feud worsening insecurity

Kayihura and Tumukunde

Hon. John Baptist Nambeshe has attributed the worsening security situation in Wakiso district to the unending rivalry between Security minister, Lt Gen Henry Tumukunde, and Inspector General of Police, Kale Kayihura.

“You know there is animosity between IGP and Tumukunde and this might be exacerbating the investigation,” said Nambeshe, the Manjiya County MP in Bududa district was Thursday night appearing on NBS TV “Frontline” programme.

Nambeshe’s remarks concur with those of Kaps Hassan Fungaroo, MP for Obongi County, who last week criticised security officials for fronting personal interests while Ugandans continue to lose their lives at the hands of a murderous gang in Entebbe and Nansana municipalities.

Kaps said Kayihura and Tumukunde are clamouring for President Yoweri Museveni’s attention instead of securing the country.

“Ugandans are not secure. The state is secure but in terms of human security, Ugandans are not secure.”

According to him, people who are managing security apparatus in this country are from Luweero background–they must be undermining each other.

“There is a fight between IGP and Tumukunde. There is this thing of trying to appease Museveni,” the legislator said, adding, “All characteristics of a bad regime are here.”

Appearing on NBS last night, Nambeshe said the president is the product of the people just like any elected leader.

“There is no problem in consulting people,” he said, adding, “President Museveni’s radio tour is aimed at demonising representatives of the people that they are the ones failing his programmes.”

Nambeshe said Museveni is on constant preaching to instigate the people against their representatives instead of looking to growing insecurity.



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