Matembe to Jeje: What witchcraft when Mama Fina is Museveni’s witch?

Mama Fiina being reinstated as head of traditional healers in Uganda

Former Ethics and Integrity minister, Miria Matembe, says she doesn’t understand what Internal Affairs minister, Gen Jeje Odongo, means by witchcraft causing Wakiso murders when the chief of witches is on the side of government.

“Government has glorified this witchcraft,” Matembe who was appearing on NBS TV “Frontline” programme Thursday cited the case of Sylivia Namutebi commonly known as ‘Maama Fiina’ who was in 2015 reinstated as the leader of traditional herbalists or sorcerers.

This came a year after legislators pushed for strong laws to regulate services of traditional healers and herbalists in a bid to curb the increasing ritual murders in the country.

On Thursday, Minister Jeje said Entebbe and Nansana murders were works of illuminati cult and sorcerers who sacrifice people to the underworld in exchange for wealth.

But Matembe dismissed this as cheap gossip wondering why the president hasn’t personally made any statement on these murders at all.

“But when Kaweesi [AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi] was murdered, statements were all over,” she noted, arguing that there was no satisfaction in the minister’s report on women murders because it seems he was forced.

“The chief mobiliser of witches, Mama Fina, is President Museveni’s mobilizer. When her husband died, she called the president directly. Which other woman can call the president?” she pointed out.

According to Matembe, this is total failure on the side of government. “What exactly is the problem? That is all we need to know. The killing is a pattern.”

She said, for example, came to learn that the government doesn’t plan for gender based violence. There are no funds for it.

“The president is not there to convince people. He is instead there to threaten them,” Matembe pointed out.

She added: “He (Museveni) started in Kabale where there is no land. Was he mocking the people of Kabale?”



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