‘Holy Rice’ Prophet Kakande to sue media claiming he is mad

Prophet Samuel Kakande

Prophet Samuel Kakande has rubbished rumours claiming that he has run mad especially after the alleged death of his powerful snake.

The Mulago based Synagogue Church of All Nations pastor has since threatened legal action against fellow pastors and media houses that have been spreading these claims.

The embattled shepherd of God took the country by storm in February this year when he introduced what he called “holy rice” to his congregation at a price of Shs 50,000 ($14).

In August this year, Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga of Christian Life Church, Uganda, was quoted saying Prophet Kakande ran mad and is currently admitted to Butabiika mental health facility (private wing).

The same allegations were also spread by Pastor Aloysius Yiga of Kawaala based Revival Ministries and proprietor of controversial ABS TV.


According to the claims, Kakande who claims to possess “blessed water” and can cure HIV/AIDS lost his mental faculties following the mysterious death of his spiritual black snake.

Pastor Male weighs in

Pastor Solomon Male while speaking on Capital FM revealed various tricks several pastors are using to manipulate their followers.

“They are gangsters, robbers, religious merchants, miracle fakers, thieves. They are greedy and ruthless. They don’t mind if you die. As long as they get what they want, they don’t care about you. Their goal is to enrich themselves,” he stated.

Pastor Male claims he was once the “number two” in Prophet Kakande’s church between 1988 to I992.

He claimed his task was how to lay a smart strategy to hoodwink and manipulate desperate people who came seeking miracles.

He, Kakande a thief who came to Kampala in slippers and turned to conning people using the Gospel.

“He is defrauding people and has found favour in the executive of this country. He has turned his people into market for his products and sells and earns super normal profits. He rips off desperate people by faking miracles.”

He claimed the pastor buys off people and ferries them to the church to give false testimonies and fake miracles at a fee with some earning up to over Shs500,000 for their dramatic antics.

At Kakande’s Synagogue Church of all Nations, there is a range of “holy retail merchandise” including “holy water” which is fetched from a well at the church at a fee per jerrycan and “holy rice”.

During the radio show, one David, a caller supplemented Male’s stories with his testimony about how Pastor Yiga of Revival Ministries in Kawaala asked him for over Shs1.2m to be prayed for to receive his miracle.

Male repeated his claims that the Rubaga Miracle Cathedral lead pastor Robert Kayanja is a homosexual and one of the several fake pastors in the city who has been using his links to kill off cases and staging confessions to hoodwink the public.

Now, there is Prophet Elvis Mbonye who claims greater spiritual power than the Pope and has physically walked to Heaven to have a live chat with God. He has also hosted Jesus Christ in his own room several times and goes to heaven whenever he feels like—anytime he wants.

Kakande speaks, to take legal action

Shaking off the accusations labelled against him, Kakande appeared on Vision Group-owned Bukedde TV’s “Agataliko Nfunfu” news programme to refute the rumours that he was running mad.

Pastor Kakande also threatened to sue the media houses that are publishing such news since they are only doing it to tarnish his name, with no evidence.

“Don’t worry about such fake news. You cannot be in a football match without an opposing team,” Kakande told his followers.

The Prophet said he had such people in their hands of God.

“I am a child of god, how do you know what am doing and what my health is like?”

He went on: “The media has nothing to write. They resolve to tarnishing people’s names to make news. I will ensure they are arrested and prosecuted in courts of law.”



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