Gen Jeje bogus illuminati rant broke our hearts-scribes

Minister Jeje Odongo with crime preventers

Journalists have described as “heart-breaking” a statement made by Internal Affairs minister, Gen Jeje Odongo, on the floor of parliament, supposedly attributing Wakiso murders to illuminati-a secret cult.

Appearing on “Media Round Table” Friday, NBS TV presenter, Samson Kasumba, described Uganda as a country where persons who are safe are assuring people who are unsafe “that they are safe”.

“We are so safe that judges’ security has been beefed, so safe that top police officers’ security has been beefed,” Kasumba pointed out.

NBS TV morning breeze programme host, Simon Kaggwa Njala, asked the public to ignore Gen Jeje’s witchcraft theory [he called it bogus] and proposed that perhaps the citizens should create their own theory and impose it on government.

“I found Hon. Jeje’s report heart-breaking. There’s a chilling tale of these murders. How dare you tell me 23 women have been killed for rituals?” Njala wondered.

“Ugandans should ignore the theory of Gen. Jeje. Let’s create our own theory and force it to government.”

The journalists noted that they have been highlighting high profile murders and focusing on ordinary citizens. “Media is supposed to be a partner in investigations. If media is not taken as a supporting force, we can’t make headways.”

NBS TV reporter, Joseph Sabiti recalled that Police Chief Gen. Kale Kayihura assured the country that it’s safe but had a big group of security officers escorting him.

Even MPs rejected Jeje’s statement and called for realistic investigations. They even hinted at moving a motion that allows UPDF to take over the investigations if police has failed.



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