Besigye to sue Mutabazi’s radio for blocked talk show

Besigye talks to a receptionist at Voice of Kigezi radio station

Opposition strongman, Kizza Besigye, says he was Friday evening blocked from speaking on a radio talk show in Kabale town.

He had paid money for the show on Voice of Kigezi 89.5 Fm, reportedly partly owned by Godfrey Mutabazi, the executive director Uganda Communications Commission [UCC].

He had earlier attended the funeral service of departed Mzee Yokaana Kajegye in Rukungiri district.

Besigye arriving at the station

When Besigye arrived at the Kabale town based station, he was be told by Frank Mutaremwa (who first claimed to be a technician and later said he is a station accountant) that the station manager had been by ordered by security to stop him from using the station.

Victoria University

“JUNTA POLITICS! Paid for a radio talk show but blocked! VoK Official, Mutaremwa, says that “Security” ordered them not to host us!,” Besigye tweeted.

He later secured another programme on Freedom Radio 94.7 FM from (9:00pm) up to 10:00pm

“As we were being blocked from VoK radio, we got another one and managed to give our message.”

Besigye has now resolved to drag the radio to court for breach of contract.

“We will take on VoK for breach of contract!”

This is not the first time security is blocking Besigye from holding a radio talk show. In 2007, Besigye was blocked from speaking on Kitgum radio show.

In 2010, he was blocked from speaking on Kagadi-Kibaale community radio. In 2015, he appeared on Jinja based Baba FM for 15 minutes and the radio went off air.

In 2016, a court order was issued by Justice Steven Kavuma banning all radio talk shows that featured Besigye.

Earlier this week, Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] presidential candidate, Mugisha Muntu, and Ntungamo Municipality legislator, Gerald Karuhanga, were blocked from appearing on Hope Radio to discuss the coming party elections.

Muntu and his entourage made their way to the radio station but were intercepted by heavily armed police officers under the command of Kabale District Police Commander, Dickens Bindeeba.

Besigye at Freedom FM

Bindeeba claimed the talk show was aimed at sabotaging President Yoweri Museveni’s talk show on Voice of Kigezi where he was clarifying on the proposed the proposal to amend the land law.

Gen. Muntu is in the race for presidency against Mubarak Munyagwa-Kawembe South MP, Patrick Amuriat, Dan Matsiko, and Moses Byamugisha.




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