Tz beauty queen wears love armour, challenges Zari to duel

Hamisa Mobeto

A “love-war” is ongoing between Ugandan socialite Zarina Hassan aka Zari and former Miss Tanzania 2000, the gorgeous Hamisa Mobeto, over Diamond Platinumz’s heart.

Zari has two kids with Diamond named Princess Tiffah and Prince Nillan respectively.

Mobeto, a fashion model celebrity, also mothered a son Diamond named Nasseb Dangota.

Reports quote Zari saying Mobeto who appeared in Diamond’s video titled ‘Salome’, used the opportunity to seduce her husband during the shooting.

Smear campaign

Victoria University

Mobeto too was quoted reportedly telling off Zari that she is seeing Platinumz since he is not officially married to her [Zari].


Zari allegedly responded by telling Mobeto to stop seeking for cheap popularity by claiming she had a child with Platinumz yet her son was fathered by is a Tanzanian businessman.

Mobeto on Thursday went on her social media and posted: “My mother told me that there was once a jealousy step mother who hate [d] so much her step daughter.”

“One time she decide to smear her with shit n dressed her own daughter in cute clothes. Then took them and made them sit near a market gate. She started asking whoever was passing who was a better looking girl. They all said the one smeared with shit is a real deal.”

She then shared a picture of her and that of Zari portraying the fact that it was Zari acting the bitchy co-wife and smearing her with “shit”.

After social media caught a storm of their love combat, Mobeto temporarily removed her fighting armour and withdrew from the battlefield.

Hamisa Mobeto

She posted: “Haha. I did not know that some people are so stupid until I open this page. If you will relate everything I post to how you feel, then you are to urinate in your clothes. Why imagine everything I post to Zari, Dee n me?”

She went on: “You have not seen Zari on camera say someone took her man .You have not seen me on TV speak with my lips that my child is for so n so. You have not seen Dee speak before your eyes that am a bitch! Why are those sweating? Africans find jobs jameni and be of reason.”



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