Those against land bill are thieves, enemies, parasites-Museveni tells Kemigisa

Museveni appearing on Voice of Toro radio

President Yoweri Museveni has said Ugandans who are rising in arms against the land amendment bill are mere thieves, corrupt, enemies of Uganda frustrating government programmes.

The President who was on Thursday night appearing on Spice FM in Bunyoro region, said there are legal means of dealing with those preaching sectarianism “but I will also de-campaign them”.

He said choosing leaders based on tribal lines, is dangerous, urging people to make choices based on ability. “Industries provide more job opportunities than agriculture, let us encourage those ready to invest in industries.”

Museveni appealed to the people of Bunyoro to resist anybody who peddles lie that frustrate investments from coming to “you area”. He said setting up investments or industries to exploit resources in Bunyoro will create jobs for the people.

On improving household incomes, Museveni urged the on people of Bunyoro to engage in agriculture that is commercial and profit-oriented.

“The Law mentions fair and just compensation but cheating government can’t be fair or justified, he said, adding, ”The current law is good and protects land owners but is not sufficient on compensation.”

Before compensation, government first finds the market price of land in an area, then adds an extra 30% to the price paid to the owner.

Museveni says he will not be held at ransom

On Wednesday, he assured Ugandans that no one can grab their land because all land ownership matters in Uganda were clearly resolved by the 1995 constitution and the 1998 land act and stressed that the current proposed amendment to the land law is to counter the selfish thieves that have been using the weakness within the law on compensation to fraudulently robe the country or else frustrate government fundamental programs.

Speaking at Voice of Tooro in Fort Portal municipality, the President said that those who are propagating against the proposed amendment are the enemies of Uganda.

He said that some are acting out of greed and corruption and think that once the law is amended they will not be able to cheat the country through illicit compensation claims.

“These are greedy parasites that are paralysing government programmes by demanding exorbitant compensations” he said.

The President clarified that the current law is good and protects land owners but is not sufficient on compensation.

“The Law mentions fair and just compensation but cheating government can’t be fair or justified” he said.

The President warned that he will sue media houses and personalities that are in a habit of propagating lies and hate speech and wondered why the regulator Uganda Communication Commission was silent while media houses continue to go against the regulations.

Warns Tooro Queen Mother

On the reported rampant evictions of the Bibanja holders in the region, the President said that the 1995 constitution and the 1998 land law is very clear on the status of Bibanja holders and said that whoever is evicting them is doing it illegally and ordered the Resident District Commissioners in the region to stop those illegal evictions.

Museveni warned Best Kemigisa, the Queen Mother of Tooro Kingdom against carrying out illegal land evictions.

The warning stems from complaints from some callers against the Queen mother.

Steven Mugurusi, a resident of Kitumba requested the President to reign in on Kemigisa.

In his response Museveni directed Kemigisa to stop the evictions, saying they are contrary to the law. “The law is very clear; no one should be evicted from their land. That person (Kemigisa) should stop,” Museveni said.

Kemigisa has in the past come under criticism for evicting families using Uganda Peoples’ Defense Force (UPDF) soldiers attached to the security detail of King Oyo.

Some of the families are in Kitumba and Kidukuru villages in Fort Portal. Last year, Kemigisa threatned to evict more than 70 families from a piece of land measuring 25 acres in Kitumba.

She said that she wants to use the land to construct a school.

Museveni also said that should the evictions persist, the actions of Kemigisa should be brought to the attention of the local leaders in the district and action taken.

“It’s good you have told me who is evicting people from their land. This should stop and the leaders in the district should take note and do something”, Museveni said.



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