Police: prostitutes giving us credible intel on women killers

Police entered a partneship with prostitutes to curb Wakiso district crime rate

Kampala Metropolitan Police Commander, CP Frank Mwesigwa, has said police partnership with prostitutes is bearing positive results already.

Police chief Kale Kayihura recently entered a partnership with boda boda riders and prostitutes to curb rising crime in Nansana municipality and Katabi town council in Entebbe municipality Wakiso district.

The partnership was criticised by the public after it emerged that Kayihura was paying prostitutes around Shs200,000 each to spy for him.

Appearing on NBS TV “morning breeze” programme Thursday, Mwesigwa said prostitution is illegal but when “you are handling cases were these people are victims, you have to bring them to your side”.

He added: “Prostitutes have been giving us credible information. Sometimes we use them to gather information.”


Mwesigwa, however, said it was not true that police have been giving money to prostitutes to help them to gather information.

“As police, we are on top of this game as we had earlier done. A lot has been done.”

He said for Entebbe cases, out of the twelve people who were arrested, four appeared in court. “We are ready to take these people to court. We were waiting for this moment for courts to open.”

He said what is important to note is investigation is scientific ass investigations are something one can’t complete in one day.

“It’s a process. We have to talk to witnesses for details.”

This came after a man was killed and his body dumped in a wetland at Sserinya village towards Kakiri town in Wakiso District.

CP. Mwesigwa Frank meeting residents of Nansaana to discuss issues of insecurity in their area.

The body was seen by a young boy who had gone to the garden on Wednesday morning.  According to Sserinya village chairman, Wilson Mulondo, this is the third body to be dumped in the area in just two months.

Police on Thursday afternoon found another body of a woman in a residential estate in Bujuuko, Nansana municipality in Wakiso district.

Police spokesman, Asan Kasingye, identified the woman as Juliet Nankadirya, who was pregnant and suffering from complications the night before. He said she died of natural causes.

MPs lose tempers

During Thursday plenary, Rubaga North Member of Parliament, Moses Kasibante, faulted Kayihura for using prostitutes as spies saying this was putting them in danger on top of the profession being illegal.

He said most criminal gangs are protected and abetted by police. The statement raised eyebrows prompting deputy speaker, Jacob Oulanyah, to ask him to substantiate or withdraw.

Hon. Kasibante later withdrew the accusation to government after failure to substantiate his statement on the floor.

Oulanyah then instructed the statement by Hon. Kasibante to be expunged from the records of Parliament.

In a heated session, legislators dismissed Internal Affairs Minister Jeje Odongo’s explanation that the 21 women killed in Nansana and Katabi in Entebbe were ritual murders, wondering whether government remained in charge of security in the country.

Gen. Jeje said that ritual murders were characterised by perpetuators cutting up victims’ bodies to collect internal organs.

MPs said that torture, rape and brutality that are characteristic of the current women murders were not typical of ritual murders.

Minister Gen. Jeje Odongo said that between May and September this year, a total of 21 women have been killed, with some of them showing signs of manual strangulation.

Other killings have been registered in Bwaise and Bulaga town. He said that 44 suspects linked to the murders have been arrested, while half of them have been charged in court.

The Minister said that a suspect had said that the killings in Nansana Municipality were carried out by a criminal gang for ritual purposes.

In the statement, the Minister also said that Police supported by other security agencies and local communities have intensified vigilance; and have rescued 23 women who were targets of rape and murder in Katabi and Nansana.



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