Uneb releases 2017 exams timetables


The Uganda National Examinations Board on Tuesday released time tables for Primary Leaving Examinations [PLE], Uganda Certificate of Education [UCE] and Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education [UACE] for this year.

UNEB Executive Secretary, Dan Odongo, said O-level students will be the first to sit for the exams which begin with a briefing of candidates on October 13 and run until November 20.

They will begin with 535/3 Physics (practical) and 612/2 IPS Still Life/Nature on October 16, 2017 and end on November 20 with Technical, Mechanical, Building and electrical papers.

This will be followed by Primary Seven [P7] pupils who will sit for exams on November 2 with Mathematics and Social Studies and Religious Education. They will end with Integrated Science and English on November 3.

Senior six candidates will start their exams with a briefing on October 10 and run up to December 5.

The candidates will on November 13 sit for European History III; History: World Affairs 4 and Mathematics 1. This will be followed by History, Economic and Social History of East Africa and Mathematics 2 papers.

Uneb spokesman, Hamis Kaheru, advised teachers, parents and candidates to prepare for the exams early as students who are not yet registered will have to try next year.

He said registers have been issued to heads of centres for crosschecking while those who have not received theirs are encouraged to consult their area supervisors or district inspectors of schools.

Odongo, on the other hand, cautioned candidates against exam malpractice as this will lead to cancellation of their results.

He said at least 1,072,740 candidates had registered for exams at all three levels this year compared to last year’s 1,068,352.



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