Tamale attacks Kabuleta for licking Mbonye feet

Journalist Kabuleta licks Mbonye shoes [Cartoon by Chris Ogon Daily Monitor]

Presidential advisor on media matters, Tamale Mirundi, has lashed at gullible flock for popularising self-styled Prophet Elvis Mbonye.

Mirundi was responding to an incident last Friday where a senior journalist and gospel minister, Joseph Kabuleta, kissed the shoes of the prophet at Kololo independence grounds.

“This is commercialism,” Mirundi said, adding that such people are just marketing him and claiming that he works.

“Those people kissing his shoes are just showmen. You keep asking how all these people go to Mbonye but you forget you give him mileage every time you talk about him.”

Mirundi said those who appear as if they are condemning Mbonye are in fact advertising him.

Victoria University

“We call that reverse psychology.”

Asked whether he was insane to do such a thing, Kabuleta said he wasn’t out of his mind per se.

Joseph Kabuleta, the sports analyst turned preacher

“What we did was nothing special. We are not the first people to honour people who have spiritual authority and we are not going to be the last.”

He said it is not a new phenomenon. People bow down and kiss the ring of the Pope.

“It was an expression of our hearts and what he (Mbonye) means to us… Range Rovers are there to be driven, why not by a man of God?”

He added: “What are the specifications of people supposed to drive Range Rovers or live in good houses?”



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