Stay away from Kasese minerals, Kiiza tells Gen Saleh

Gen (rtd) Salim Saleh

The Leader of the Opposition, Winfred Kiiza, has launched a full-scale attack on President Yoweri Museveni’s brother, Gen Salim Saleh, for allegedly hatching a plan to steal minerals in Kasese district.

Kiiza was Wednesday addressing press at parliament on matters that affect Kasese. She said there is a concession agreement with a Chinese cobalt Mining company in Kasese, but it has defaulted from the onset.

“We want to know what the government is doing to rescue the wealth of the people of Kasese. Tibet Hema is trying to bring in another company that is planning to take out minerals in crude form,” she said.

Kiiza said the prayer of Kasese leaders is that the Ministry comes up to terminate the contract immediately. “These companies have robbed us.”

Saleh hatched the whole plan

Victoria University

Kiiza then launched her attack: “We want to tell Salim Saleh to leave the minerals in Kasese and he goes to mine gold in the Mirama Hills.”

She asserted that the Chinese companies have admitted to having paid bribes to top government officials including the Vice President [Edward Ssekandi] and officials from the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development.

Kiiza said Saleh blackmailed the NRM leaders in Kasese that he would make them shareholders of the company but they are still waiting.

Hon Kiiza at URA event in Kasese town

“We are tired of thieves. Saleh should take away his fake investor who is a battery repairer.”

According to Kiiza, Gen Saleh is giving people a cup of beans and thinks he is creating wealth. “He should leave the minerals in Kasese alone.”

Kiiza told Gen Saleh not touch the “Anus of a Leopard” as his brother [Museveni] once said. She noted that the minerals being ferried out in crude form includes zinc, copper, tin, among others. This is worth 45m dollars.

She further observed that they will enter the mines if government does not take away the Chinese company in Kasese.

“The problem is that the influential leaders in government are the ones involved in the mining in the country. The issue is that the regime has gone bad. Where there is anything that brings wealth, the invisible hand takes it away.”

MP Centenary mixes Museveni in the mire

Kasese Municipality MP Hon Robert Centenary concurred with Hon Kiiza urging Gen Salim Saleh to stop hiding behind the brother and leave Kasese minerals.

“When you go to Hema Tibet, there is a huge billboard of Museveni. I don’t know whether he is the owner,” Centenary said.

He noted that Hema Tibet was supposed to have left as of yesterday, according to the termination letter but they are still there.

He said Uganda government has been borrowing from Chinese government and at the same time give away over Shs45bn free of charge.

“Gen Saleh should concentrate on wealth creation for Ugandans and not Chinese,” Centenary advised, urging Gen Salim Saleh to go seek an appointment from the Chinese government as an ambassador.

Hon Centenary earlier observed that they and the locals are ready to enter the mines and do the work by themselves. The government will go to China to borrow the same money to build roads, he argued.

“This is rather appalling! We have heard that Gen Saleh is deploying UPDF to protect companies and interfere with the auditor general’s work.”

Land saga

A witness testifying before the commission of inquiry into land in Hoima has said that senior presidential advisor retired Gen. Saleh might have had an invisible hand in the eviction of more than one thousand people from land in Rwamutonga, Buhaguzi county in Hoima district.

Robert Bansigalaho told the commission in August this year that the former Deputy Resident District Commissioner for Hoima Ambrose Mwesigye used Gen Saleh’s names to secure land for an investor.

Justice Catherine Bamugemereire ordered police to arrest Mwesigye.

Only a few days ago, Saleh appeared in the newspapers purportedly giving out land to government in Nakaseke district.

Ugandans have been on social media labelling him a “land grabber” and asking where he got land reportedly equivalent to a district that he gave surrendered to government.



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