Rwanda police arrests drug dealers, driver over bribe


A driver of a travel agency – Okapi – was arrested in Rusizi District for allegedly attempting to bribe a traffic police officer.

Munguiko Makenze 44 had attempted to give a bribe of $10 to the officer to drop traffic related charges including over-speeding.

Inspector of Police (IP) Eulade Gakwaya, the western region police spokesperson confirmed the arrest.

He explained that the Congolese national was Rusizi-bound from Bukavu.

“He was stopped by road traffic officers after the speed ladder detected that he had exceeded the maximum speed. When the officer demanded for his driver’s licence as a prerequisite to impose the penalty, the suspect instead offered a bribe of $10 in an attempt to unlawfully influence the officer to drop the charges,” said IP Gakwaya.

Victoria University

The Advanced Speed Laiser machine has the capacity to measure speed, video recording, and identify vehicles registration number.

IP Gakwaya said that “instead of paying the fines under the law, the driver resorted to offering the bribe, which is a criminal act under article 641 of the penal code.”

The article states that “any person who explicitly or implicitly offers, proposes directly or indirectly a gift or any other illegal benefit, to a person in charge of a service, mission or mandate or who promises it in order to render a service or to refrain from carrying out any usual duties, shall be liable to a term of imprisonment of more than five years to seven years and a fine of twice to ten times the value of the illegal benefit offered or promised.”

IP Gakwaya advised drivers and the public in general not indulge in bribery or related malpractices because it attracts avoidable consequences including imprisonment.

Four arrested over cannabis

Separate Police operations against drug trafficking conducted in Muhanga and Rusizi districts on Monday led to the seizure of over 100kgs of cannabis. Four people were arrested in connection with the criminal act.

Police identified the suspects as Gorette Nyirahabimana and a Senior Three student, who were arrested in Kivumu Cell of Cyeza Sector in Muhanga with 98kgs of cannabis. They are currently held at Nyamabuye Police Station pending further investigations.

Preliminary investigations indicate that Nyirahabimana used the 17-year old boy to transport the narcotic drugs.

In another operation in Rusizi, Issa Ndaribitse and Razaro Sebisabo were arrested in Kamembe Sector with 7kgs of cannabis. They are currently detained at Kamembe Police station.

Making, transporting or selling of narcotic drugs attracts an imprisonment of up to five years and a fine of Rwf5 million under article 594 of the penal code.

Meanwhile, the Southern Region Police spokesperson, Inspector of Police (IP) Emmanuel Kayigi said: “If investigations prove beyond doubt that the boy, who is a minor in this case, was induced, then Nyirahabimana will also be charged under article 220 of the penal code.”

Article 220 stipulates that “any person, who engages a child in narcotic drugs…or in the trade of other illegal products shall be liable to a term of imprisonment of two to five years and a fine of Rwf1 million to Rwf5 million.”

IP Kayigi attributed such successful operations to intensified community policing activities including sensitization campaigns and information sharing with the public.

“The campaigns and operations against drug abuse are mainly geared towards breaking the chain of supply. The best part in this fight is that the public have owned it and they are the main source of information on suppliers in their communities, and routes which is a big step forward,” he said.

The arrests and seizure of drugs comes at the time when Rwanda National Police (RNP) in partnership with the public and other players in policing, are mainly focusing on identifying and arresting traffickers as an effective way to prevent abuse of the psychotropic substances.

“Once again, we warn anyone involved in drug dealings that they will be arrested sooner than later,” he warned.



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